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 San José. Costa Rica

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With FertilControl you will know your cycle and you can decide when

Reusable for up to 3 years
Saliva ovulation test
Results in 15 minutes
High reliability
100% safe and natural
Photograph and share the results

You decide when ...



FertilControl llega a Costa Rica...


La única prueba de ovulación en saliva y reutilizable


Conozca, en la intimidad de su hogar, sus días fértiles

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How to use

Step 1

Before starting to use the microscope for the first time, focus it by rotating the two pieces together until the ♀ symbol on the glass protector seal is displayed. If you do not re-spin the pieces, you'll always have it focused.

Results interpretation

Non-fertile period

If you do not observe ferns, the woman is not ovulating and it will be very difficult to get pregnant

Transition period

If you look at shapes similar to the photo, it is a moment of low probability of conceiving and only before the days before ovulation.

More ferns are observed because the woman is ovulating, it is time to be pregnant

Fertile period

Video tutorial