Lifting Duo

Lifting Duo

The perfect combination to recover the volume and tone of your face quickly.

Reduces fine lines, minor wrinkles and crow's feet.

You will present your best face at the next social event.

Royal Derma Collagen Concentrate

Weissmoor Eye Cream

Repair treatment to fill minor wrinkles and expression lines on the face and neck.


This concentrate smoothes the skin in a lasting way, reduces the depth of wrinkles and reaffirms the skin structure. It has been shown that its regular use increases the firmness of the skin.

Repair treatment for delicate skin around the eyes.


The innovative Gatuline Expression will immediately and reversibly smooth out minor wrinkles and expression lines, leaving your eye contour smooth and firm for 12 hours. The ArctiCare will moisturize the skin, giving back its elasticity and firmness.


Weissmoor Eye Contour Cream: with a clean face, apply gentle strokes with the ring finger, all around the eye. It is recommended to use morning and night.


Royal Derma Collagen Concentrate: To open the capsule cut or turn the cap. After cleansing your skin, apply the concentrate by massaging with your fingertips on the face, neck and décolleté. Daily use is recommended, preferably at night.


At night, first apply the Weissmoor Eye Contour Cream, followed by the Royal Derma Concentrated Collagen, avoiding using the latter in the eye contour.